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Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Helping pregnant, post-partum, and active individuals reduce pain and stop leaking by building strong and mobile bodies

Stop living with pain and leaking!

Motion Evolved Physical Therapy combines the expertise of orthopedics and pelvic health to treat the whole YOU! The body does not work in isolation and neither should your treatment! The key to feeling better is to find the source of your problem, address underlying issues, and to build a strong foundation. 

Why deal with fixable problems?

Motion Evolved Physical Therapy helps you maximize your physical potential by offering individualized evaluations, one on one treatments, and guided exercise and education to empower you to achieve YOUR goals. 

Why Motion Evolved?


One on One Care

You will be treated 1:1 for the duration of your treatment and will never be handed off to a tech/aide



Your therapist is a board-certified clinical specialist and has the skill set to treat the WHOLE you!



You will always be seen by the same experienced therapist instead of seeing different practitioners each visit.



Treatments will take place in a private treatment room instead of an open gym space

Old-Fashioned Clock


You have the option to be treated one on one for a full hour for each session to get the most out of your session

Finishing Line


You will see lasting results after completing your care plan with your therapist!


"Her approach is thoughtful and holistic; working with her helps me understand my body better. She is also extremely knowledgeable in her field. I wish all healthcare and physical therapy were this compassionate and helpful!”


Shoulder Treatment

Areas of Expertise

Prenatal/Birth Prep


Pelvic Pain

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