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Seltzer is NOT water

Water intake plays an important part in the balance of the urinary system. Too much and you could be running to the restroom every few minutes, but too little and you will not only experience a whole host of symptoms as a result of dehydration but the concentrated urine in your bladder can irritate the bladder and also lead to frequent trips to the restroom.

Seltzers are often thought of as a flavored upgrade to water, and while they can definitely assist with hydration in a similar way to water, when it comes to urinary habits seltzers do not quite add up.

The carbonation in seltzers can lead to bladder irritation. Too many seltzers can lead to feeling like you need to urinate ALL the time, or have you running back to the bathroom a few minutes after just going. Bladder irritation can also worsen symptoms of urinary incontinence.

I recommend limiting carbonated beverages, especially if you have any underlying urinary sensitivities. Trying to drink a glass of water after drinking a seltzer can also minimize the irritable effects to the bladder.

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